1978 Strength of Ideological Convictions
CIBA-Geigy Gallery, Ardsley, New York

1979 Strength of Ideological Convictions
Sheila Grossman Gallery, New York, New York

1980 Strength of Ideological Convictions
AECOM Gallery, New York, New York

1982 Treatment for Nostalgia
Purdue University Art Gallery, West Lafayette, Indiana

1983 Treatment for Nostalgia
Gusev Art Gallery, New York, New York

1984 Repetitive Injury
AECOM Art Gallery, Bronx, New York

1986 New Frontier
YWHA Art Gallery, Riverdale, New York

1989 Four Capitals
Red Art, New York, New York

1993 From the other side
Drize Photo, Moscow, Russia

1996 Alone in the daylight
Farber Gallery, Voronezh, Russia

1999 Healing
Drize Photo, Moscow, Russia

2001 Healing
Farber Gallery, Voronezh, Russia

2004 Celebrations
SOHOphoto, New York, New York

2005 Six dogs and a Water Buffalo
SOHOphoto New York, New York

2006, SOHOphoto juried competition, 2nd place

2006 Portraits
SOHOphoto, New York, New York

Media About Galynker Photography

Celebrations, Russian Forverts, June 4-11, 2004
Brighton Beach in Soho “Russian Community and Business,” June 15, 2004
Igor Galynker, Photography, RTN, June 23, 2004
Igor Galynker, Images and Psychology of American Elections, RTN, Sep 12, 2004
“I have always been fascinated by people.” NRS, November 30, 2006